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Unique Cat Names Collection for Male Female Kittens

by Cute & Funny Cats
Unique Cat Names Collection for Male Female Kittens

Some Cat Owners want to choose Unique Cat Names to their new kittens. Cat Names should be short & easily identifiable by cats. We have made a huge collection of Unique Name Ideas for Cats. This latest collection includes Unique Names for both Male and Female Cats.

The following List contains some very Cool Cat Names inspired from Food, Brands, Celebrities, Royal Families and Famous Places.

Delicious Cat Names inspired by Food

Cat are as delicious as food. If you are a foodies and like to name your new kitten after some feed. Here are the names inspired from foods. Like majority of foods these names are also very Sweet.

  1. Apricot
  2. Butterscotch
  3. Cherry
  4. Cookie
  5. Cupcake
  6. Donut
  7. Fanta
  8. Ginger
  9. Jelly
  10. Lollipop
  11. Marshmallow
  12. Muffin
  13. Mulberry
  14. Noodle
  15. Peaches – Peaches name not only sounds good, they are also colorful
    Cool Cat Names inspired by Food

    Can we name this Cat as Pumpkin?


  16. Pumpkin – Pumpkin would be the perfect name orange kitten who is also like a puffy ball.
  17. Raspberry
  18. Skittles – this name is for sweet kittens having different colored dots on the fur.
  19. Sprinkles
  20. Strawberry
  21. Sugar
  22. Taco
  23. Taffy


Chocolate Themed Names for Sweet Kittens

Here are some Choco themed Kitten Names for Chocolate Lovers

  1. Brownie
  2. Cadbury
  3. Choco Pie
  4. Hershey
  5. KitKat
  6. Oreo
  7. Snickers



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Luxury Cat Name ideas from Famous Brands

Some kittens have posh looks just like a luxury brand. They should be named after that elegant brand.

  1. Addidas
  2. Armani
  3. Burberry
  4. Chanel
  5. Ferrari
  6. Gucci
  7. Hermès
  8. Lexus
  9. NIKE
  10. Porsche
  11. Prada
  12. Rolex
  13. Sony
  14. Valentino
  15. Zara


Unique Cat Names inspired by famous Personalities & Celebrities

Does your kitten reminds of some celebrity? Lets name them after that person. Here is a list of some names of famous Personalities & Celebrities to consider for your Kitten.

  1. Adele
  2. Barack
  3. Ben
  4. Beyonce
  5. Charlie
  6. Diana
  7. Einstein
  8. Elvis
  9. Eminem
  10. Galileo
  11. Larry
  12. Lincoln
  13. Madonna
  14. Maggie
  15. Picasso
  16. Putin
  17. Ronaldo
  18. Sophie
  19. Tesla – for nerds
  20. Trump


Royal Cat Names for Splendid Kittens

If your kitten has majestic personality and high class attitude. A Royal Name would be suitable for Such Elegant Personality

  1. King
  2. Queen
  3. Prince
  4. Princess
  5. Duke
  6. Duchess
  7. Lancelot
  8. Guinevere
  9. King Edward
  10. Queen Elizabeth
  11. Alexander
  12. Genghis Khan
  13. Augustus
  14. Queen Victoria
  15. Cleopatra
  16. Pharaoh
  17. Romeo
  18. Juliet

Kitten Names inspired by Big Cats

Why not name your new kitten after their bigger cousins and relatives I.e. Big Cats?

  1. Bobcat
  2. Cheetah
  3. Cougar
  4. Jaguar
  5. Leo
  6. Leopard
  7. Lion
  8. Lynx
  9. Tiger


Unique Cat Names inspired by Famous Places

It’s a unique idea to name your cat after your favorite holiday destination. Here are some kitten/cat name ideas inspired by famous places.

  1. Fuji
  2. Jupiter
  3. Milan
  4. Naples
  5. Pluto
  6. Redmond
  7. Rio
  8. Rome
  9. Valencia
  10. Vegas
  11. Venus


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Some Clever Cat Names

Still looking for cool name ideas for your new kitty. Here are some clever cat names without any categorization.

  1. Ajax
  2. Autumn
  3. Bella – only for the most beautiful female kitty
  4. Bonnie
  5. Crystal
  6. Denim
  7. Dollar
  8. Flamingo
  9. Grace
  10. Ivory
  11. Kindle
  12. Lava
  13. Milky Way
  14. Penny
  15. Phoenix
  16. Platinum
  17. Roxie
  18. Snowball
  19. Snowflake
  20. Spring/Springs
  21. Summers
  22. Trixie
  23. Valentine
  24. Zoe

Here is a video of a Prince Kitten with his New Castle

Please also share your favorite Unique Cat Names in comments below

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