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Funny Cat Names for Male/Female Kittens, 40+ Handpicked Names

by Cute & Funny Cats
Funny Cat Names for Male / Female Kittens

Choosing a perfect name for your Cat is difficult choice, it involves lots of thinking and jumping around different option.
Your naughty Fur Balls deserve Funny Cat Names because cats always makes you laugh with their silly pranks and hilarious actions.

So here are few Handpicked Silly as well as Funniest Names for your Naughty Cat. This collection contains Funny Cat Names for both male and female cats.

Handpicked Collection of Funny Cat Names

Read these while imagining your Joker Kitty and try not to laugh.

  1. Banjo – for Melodious Kittens
  2. Bingo
  3. Bilbo
  4. Bonkers – For Silly Cats only
  5. Bubba – Yes I am the eldest
  6. Buggy
  7. Buckaroo – Just say Buckaroooooooo
  8. Buster – Busted every time
  9. Cactus
  10. Catabunga
  11. Catapult
  12. Caterpillar
  13. Clumsy / Miss Clumsy
  14. Cookie Monster – Yes Cats are…
  15. Crookshanks – Sounds Funny???
  16. Deputy –Cats don’t need Search Warrant
  17. Doodle
  18. Dynamite – Cats can be Explosive too
  19. Eggplant – plz don’t laugh 😛
  20. Emo – Short & Silly
  21. Frankenstein – For Nerdy Kittens
  22. Giggles
  23. Gollum
  24. Gonzo
  25. iCat – For iPhone Lovers
  26. Itchy – Cats Love to Scratch
  27. Kabuki
  28. Kittles – Funny & still Sounds like Kitten?
  29. Meowkins
  30. Mittens – Round and Puffy
  31. Bean – some cats are even funnier than Mr. Bean
  32. Nacho – Got a Spicy Kitten??? Call him Nacho
  33. Pee Wee – enuf said
  34. Ping – For Geeky Owners
  35. Ping Pong – Playful & Melodious
  36. Pistol – only for angry Kittens of the Underworld
  37. Pumba
  38. Purru
  39. Purring / Purrington
  40. Spud – for a round kitten just like a Potato
  41. Tubby
  42. Whiskers – every Cat have them
  43. Wookie

If there is tie between some funny cat names from this list, why not share this article with your fiends and ask for their opinion?

We hope that you have found a funny and silly name for your cat, don’t forget to share your favorite funny cat name in comments below.

Wanna see how exactly a Funny and Silly cat looks?
Here is a video from our Collection of Funny Cat Videos

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