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50+ Cute Cat Names for Male & Female Cat/Kitten

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Gem Themed Cute Cat Names for Orange Cats & Kittens – Cute & Funny Cat Videos

Cats are the Cutest Creatures, they look cute from Every Angle; from Face to Tale, Fur to Toe, Walking to Talking and even doing some ordinary stuff like Eating or Cleaning themselves. So they deserve a Cute Cat Name matching their personality, color or habits.

It’s very exciting time when you adopted a new cat or your cat gave birth to new kittens. Humans can’t think new ideas in excitement so thinking for some cute names for your new cat becomes difficult. To jump start your creative thinking we have compiled a list of more than 50 Cute Cat Names.


Following Cool Cat Names are inspired from Gems, Flowers, Colors and Movie Characters. Our list contains Cute & Creative Names for Cats and Kittens from both male and female gender. We mentioned our suggestions new each name describing like it will be best name for a Naughty Orange Cat, a Great Name for Back Male Cat or a beautiful name for Cute White Female cat.


Gem Themed Cute Cat Names

A true Cat Lover treats and cares the Cats just like Precious Gems. Do you also treat your Cats in the same way? Then you should choose a Cool Gem Stone Themed Name for your Preciously Cute Cats and Kittens

  1. Amber – Best name for Orange Female Kittens
  2. Citrine – Cool Name for Orange Cats
  3. Emerald – Name for Green eyed kittens
  4. Garnet – This name is suitable for female kitten with Charming Personality
  5. Jade – Cool Name for Cats having Unusual Green Eyes & Mystical Powers
  6. Jasper – Suitable for Colorful Male Kitten
  7. Onyx – Short & Cute Black Cat Name
  8. Pearl – Good Name for Pure White Cats, Give this Name to White Persian, Angora or Ragdoll Cats
  9. Ruby – it would be perfect cute name for a cute female kitten.
  10. Sapphire – Great Name for Blue Eyed Cats from Ragdoll, Birman, Himalayan, Balinese Breeds
  11. Topaz – Suitable name for Frisky & Shiny Kittens


Cute Cat Names inspired by Movie Characters & Celebrities

Are you a movie fan? Let’s name your new kitten after your favorite movie character. Here are some Cute Cat Names inspired from famous Movie Characters for naming your kitty.

  1. Ariel – Cool Name for Beautiful Female Cat
  2. Batman – Your favorite Black Male Cat should be named after your favorite superhero
  3. Belle – Name for a Beautiful Girl Cat
  4. Chi – For Cats having some Special Powers
  5. Dexter – Only for Wild Male Cats
  6. Django – for Black and Grey Boy Cats
  7. Dolittle – Unusual name for Black and Grey Boy Cats
  8. Figaro – Cool Name for Cute Little Kitten
  9. Kai – Name your Muscular Male Cat after Kai form Kung Fu Panda
  10. Lucy – Beautiful name for Girl Cats with orange & white fur
  11. Mickey – Cute Male Cat Name inspired by Disney’s Mickey Mouse
  12. Minny – Female Cat Name inspired by Disney’s Minny Mouse
  13. Simba – Name your Cat after the Famous Big Cat Cartoon Character
  14. Sylvester – Good Cat Name inspired by Sylvester the Cat from Looney Tunes or Mr. Sylvester Stallone
  15. Tinkerbell – A Very Cool Name for Beautiful Female Cat
  16. Yoda – Name your Serious Cats after the Legendary Jedi Master from Star Wars

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Flowers themed names for Cutest Cate & Kittens

Some Cats and Kittens are so Lovely & Cute that they deserve to be named after a Flower. So we compiled a list of Awesome Cat Names for your Cutee Fur Balls

  1. Chamomile – Cool Name For Orange & White Cats
  2. Daffodil – Cute name for Orange Cate
  3. Daisy – Name for your Beautiful Female CatRose Themed Cute Kitten Names
  4. Dandelion – Suitable for cute cats having long Fur
  5. Iris – Name for a Cute Kitty
  6. Jasmine – Good Name for a Beautiful White Female Cat
  7. Lavender – Very Lovely Cat Name
  8. Lilac – Cool & Beautiful Female Kitten Name
  9. Lily – Beautiful Name for Girl Cats
  10. Marigold – Best name for Orange Cats
  11. Rose – Beautiful name for a lively female cat
  12. Rosemary – Cool Name for Female Cats
  13. Thistle – It’s Weird but still easy to call
  14. Tulip – Cool & Unique
  15. Vanilla – Cute name for Female Cats


Cat Names ideas Inspired by Attractive Color Shades

Its good idea to name your cute cat after a beautiful and attractive color shade. Here is a list of some Unusual but Attractive Color Shade for naming your colorful little cute kitten.

  1. Carmine
  2. Chestnut
  3. Crimson
  4. Goldy
  5. Indigo
  6. Lila
  7. Rosy
  8. Rufous
  9. Saffron
  10. Salmon
  11. Sandy
  12. Scarlet
  13. Smokey – Good name for Grey Cats Kittens
  14. Sunny – Cute Name for Orange Female Cats


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These names are short (Containing only One Word), easy to Remember and Easy to Call. You can choose any Cute Cat Name for your Cute Fur Ball from the above list of Cool Cat Names. Or you can use these Best Cat Name as seeds for inspiration to think of your personal favorite name for your Boy or Girl Kitten or Cat.

Don’t forget to tell us about your finalized Cute Cat Name in the comments below.


Here is a Cutest Cat Video for You


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